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Heaven Sent was not the book I thought it was going to be. But it was so much better! ... I did not predict the ending, and it's that kind of wonderful and most-perfect ending that makes you stop and think back over the entire book to make sense of everything that came before it ... if you're looking for an unexpected and addictive read, I highly recommend Heaven Sent.  Kids' Book Review, Shaye Wardrop

Morgan is gifted at creating some rich characters. Gabriel's erratic and earnest attempts at 'watching over' Evie create a chilling atmosphere and a creeping sense of concern. Seb, Evie's mother's much younger boyfriend was perfectly cast as a slimy, pathetic loser. Even Evie's house, broken and tarp-covered, feels like an oppressive character...  To me, Morgan is an author with a considerable amount of potential and her next work will be something to keep an eye on.  Tulpa Magazine, Riana Kinlough 

This book is a fabulously satisfying read; the characters are well developed, the situations/issues raised are illuminating, thought provoking and the narrative was engaging and satisfying ... you really will enjoy reading this novel.

The Reviewers, Carol Seeley

This is S.J Morgan's first YA novel. It's a solid debut. The Australian setting is a definite plus and the author gradually reveals Gabe's situation with the skill of a good mystery writer.  Buzzwords, Pauline Hosking

Sue Morgan's first YA novel is appealingly full of familiar references and local colour ... There is plenty of escalating tension that leads to a satisfying, upbeat ending.  SA Weekend, Katharine England

Raw, genuine and widely relatable ... Heaven Sent accomplishes dealing with multiple serious themes through intelligent dialogue and a quirky, otherworldly edge. A very impressive and enjoyable YA novel with scope for deeper study. CBCA, Angela Brown

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