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Oh dear, so much for good intentions. Haven’t been near my blog in weeks. I have several excuses: Excuse number one, we’ve had major wi-fi issues and getting onto the internet (from my laptop, at least) has been like trying to find the exact moment to jump into one of those fast-moving skipping games – mostly resulting in mis-timing, mess and disappointment.

Excuse number two, I have been busy attending lots of book launches. This has been great fun and a good way of meeting other local writers. I thought it might also help me to decide what sort of launch I might want for my book, later in the year. It hasn’t. It’s just left me certain that no two launches are the same and the only thing they have in common is an author, a book and a venue. Of course, the launches themselves don’t take up too much time so that’s not much of an excuse for my blog absence, but I come away with a book from each of the launches and now I have a pile of just released novels clamouring to be read. Well, I guess someone has to do it …

Excuse number three, Twitter. I have never fancied becoming a Twitterette and had no interest in seeing the minutiae of other people’s lives, laid out in a hundred-and-whatever characters. But I made the mistake of Taking A Look. And then, once I took a look, I thought I’d do a ‘draft’ profile – you know, just something quick that I could come back to if ever I decided to become an official member of the Twitterati. Well, that was a couple of weeks ago and now I find my nose pressed up against the Twitter glass far more often than I should. It’s so BUSY on there! No sooner have I got through reading the latest Tweets on book releases, Trump goofs, Ricky Gervais gushes and Batchelor in Paradise nonsense, and there’s a blue dot indicating another lot of must-read Tweets. It’s relentless. At this newbie stage, I’m far more of an observer than a participant, but it is a glimpse into a frantic, minute-by-minute world. These days, I go on Facebook just to give my brain a rest!

The wi-fi problems continue, so now I have to stand here waiting to see if the signal will let me in long enough to post this. Ooh, is that a green light I see flashing? One – two – three … jump!

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